Becoming a storyteller

If you put words down onto a page you're a writer. Whether you craft stories or draft emails, you're trying to get your readers attention. The principle of storytelling is conveying a message, invoking a feeling and persuading your audience. The same is true for any brand communication or at least is should be. Knowing that your audience is always looking for something; to be educated, to be entertained or just to be understood, if you being tailoring your message and content to fulfil this need you're one step closer to having brand fans and loyalists.

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In the beginning...

Starting as a suit and then finding her passion with the pen, Samantha is a writer and storyteller for brands. She’s been in the advertising game for just over a decade, working across all mediums and platforms. Most recently she has worked as creative director for an online learning company and has just taken the brave step towards becoming a full-blown digital nomad.

Her most recent endeavours include looking at the world of UX and UI through the eyes of a writer. What happens when there’s nothing to see? What are you going to say? Addressing the use of writing and language in the development of voice interface and how getting to grips with copy, could make a real difference to a believable experience for the end user – never mind your bottom line.

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